Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth Editing Sale!

It's Star Wars Day!
We are huge Star Wars fans here at Scarlett Editing so what better way to celebrate all things Star Wars than to hold an editorial services sale!

All levels of editing are included in this sale!

After all, Star Wars was written on paper long before it was ever filmed.

All movies begin with a screenplay!

There are novelizations of Star Wars as well. Hundreds of them!

Perhaps you are working on a Star Wars novel or a fan fiction story! We'd love to edit it for you!

All Genres! All Writers!
We have edited over 1000 books and hundreds of short stories and articles. We provide book doctor and ghost writing services as well

We have experience in fiction and non-fiction, poetry, YA, and children's books. There is no genre or story we won't edit.

All genres qualify for this sale. Your story doesn't have to be science fiction or space opera.

Flash Sale!  
25% off all services for the rest of 2016 when you place $100 deposit today.

For the rest of 2016, you may enjoy 25% off ALL SERVICES you order no matter what kind. 

That's right, you can come to us as many times as you desire for the rest of 2016 and enjoy 25% off any and all services that you use!

The manuscript doesn't have to be ready to send today but the deposit needs to be received by MIDNIGHT May 4, 2016

Please feel free to ask any questions about how the sale works. 

Use this button right now to reserve your special price of 25% off all editorial services for the rest of 2016!

May the Force Be with You!

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