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Fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, textbooks, children's books, bibles, religious memoirs, poetry, horror, romance, erotica, science fiction, teen adventure, self-help, spiritual, business, metaphysical, and more.

Developmental editing is our favorite service. We've worked on over 1000 books! Please tell us about your book, how long it is, what genre it is, and what kind of timeline you have, if any. We will provide you with a price quote and estimated timeline.

Developmental Editing
This service includes detailed comments throughout the manuscript using tracking with focus on:

Character Development
Point of view
Formatting consistency
Organising front matter such as Table of Contents, Introduction
Organising back matter such as About the Author, References
Organising chapters
Checking for consistent style
Use of footnotes
Proper use of quotes


Final read-through of the corrected manuscript before it goes to press. This is to catch last minute typos and mistakes after massive editing has happened. This service means I read the final version of the final galley before it goes to print and flag any overlooked errors.

No major editing is performed.


This service checks for typos, grammar, proper use of words, proper syntax, random tense changes, and so on. This service does NOT check plot points, character development, research, and so on. This service does not polish the manuscript.

Line Editing
This service checks for typos, grammar, proper syntax, tenses changes, and will rework sentences in the author's voice and style. Will polish manuscript to market standard. Recommended for manuscripts ready to publish.

Book Report
This service includes a general report about the book's strengths and weaknesses.
The first draft of the manuscript will be read and suggestions will be flagged in the manuscript and highlighted in a written report.

Focus on plot, character, dialogue, pace, setting, point-of-view, narrative structure, use of tone, language, and more.

Do you need a combination of services? Contact us for special discount rates!

Ghost Writer

Do you have a story to tell but don't know how to write it out or don't want to write it out?

Do you want a professional author to ghost-write your book?

We've ghost-written books for various people including celebrities.

Rates begin at $10,000 US for a ghost-written book depending on what is involved.

There is no guarantee that you will get your book traditionally published nor that it will become a "best-seller."

Contact sephgiron@gmail.com  for more information and for quotes.

Payment through Paypal or EFT through sephgiron@rogers.com

Half of the estimated payment is required as a deposit. The balance is due when the work is completed.

If you haven't heard a response from me in 72 hours, please email me again in case the message has been lost.


HWA members receive a discount!

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