Sunday, July 6, 2014

Starving Artist Editing Discount:Limited Time Offer

You've spent weeks, months, perhaps even years writing your book. You've typed "the end" and now wonder what's next?

Showing your work to your friends and family is an excellent way to get feedback from your average reader.

However, most friends and family aren't professional publishers and editors. They will not be able to spot grammar errors, or they may find that something doesn't "feel" right but they can't help you correct it.

Editors can help you. Whether it's a quick "book report" overview of your work, or thorough word-by-word line-editing, shining up your work to its absolute best shows your readers you respect your work and that you respect the time they put into reading your work.

Some writers write full time. Some writers have day jobs. Some writers have spouses who pay the bills.

The reality is that professional editing by an experienced editor is not cheap. Editing is a real job and can make a huge difference to the quality of a manuscript. Whether it's finding plot holes, removing repetitive information, finding spots where names change, or hacking out those unnecessary commas, an editor can make your work excel.

From now until midnight July 8, 2014, Scarlett Editorial services is offering a 15% discount on all editing services. 

To take advantage of this offer, you must make a deposit by July 8, ensuring your spot for editing.

You don't have to have your work ready by July 8.

All you have to do is reserve your spot for future editing by making a small deposit today that will go towards your fees and you will be locked into the 15% discount rate.

For instance, you are working on a 100,000 word manuscript and you know you'll want line editing for it when it's complete. Secure a 15% discount by reserving your spot with a deposit today. The deposit goes towards your final fee.    

Even if your book isn't ready for editing until December, you will still receive the 15% discount as long as you've paid your deposit by Paypal by midnight of July 8, 2014.

100000 x .02 = $2000 x 15% discount = $1700 

You would enjoy a $300 savings on this project if you take advantage of our offer by July 8, 2014.

Timelines for editing vary by project and service. Expect a book to take from one week to four weeks to be edited.

We look forward to working with you. Now go outside and enjoy the summer while we take care of your work for you!