Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Are You Writing?

There are a million gadgets for writers to use to write. You can spend hundreds on programs and spend hours learning about software to write novels, make notes, and more.

However, at the end of the day, all the gadgets in the world aren't going to make you write better.

A story is still a story no matter how many bells and whistles you drape over it.

A story needs to have a beginning, middle, and end.

A story needs to be compelling.

If you don't have a plot or interesting characters, it doesn't matter how many thousands of dollars you spend on your laptop.

Writers write.

You can put pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard.

As long as words are going onto paper, then you are writing.

Are You Writing?
Talking about writing isn't writing.

Reading is part of the writing process but still isn't writing.

Going to a reading series is part of the process but isn't writing.

Sitting in Starbucks with a laptop isn't writing unless you're writing.

Applying for grants isn't writing.

Wearing scarves and berets isn't writing.

Having long debates about writing isn't writing.

Attending conventions is part of the networking process but isn't writing.

Writing is Writing
Scribbling notes while the kids are at class is writing.

Rewriting paragraphs and sentences is writing.

Staring out at the lake and creating stories in your head that you will later use is writing.

Putting words on paper is writing.

Sharing words on paper with others is writing.

Sending your work to publishers and editors is writing.

Listening to (though not necessarily taking) well-meaning editorial advice from friends, family, peers, and editors is writing.

Writers Write!
So stop talking about it and get writing!

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