Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Forward with Deep Discount Flash Sale!

I'm just finishing up the last manuscript from clients who took advantage of my previous sale! Yes, it took me three months, which shows you how many people recognize value when they see it! I had a lot of interest in my service and now I'm ready to offer you a new deal!

So, in celebration of Spring and the Time Change, I offer the Flash Forward Sale.

The Flash Forward Sale is only available for Developmental Editing Service. All genres. All story lengths from short stories to novels. Fiction or non-fiction.

The Flash Forward Sale is worth 20% off the cost of developmental editing.

You get 20% off the price but 100% of service!

For example, if your manuscript is 55,000 words, the cost of my DE service at regular price would be: $1100

With the Flash Forward sale, your cost for DE service is only $880.

That is a huge savings of $220!

How can you get in on this deal?

It's very easy.

If you put a $100 deposit today through Paypal at sephgiron@ or by EFT, you lock in the price for DE service for the rest of 2016.

That's right!

Sale Extended to midnight on March 15, 2016!
For $100 deposit by midnight on March 13, 2016, you can enjoy 20% off all developmental editing services for the rest of 2016.

This offer is for developmental editing only.

So if you're working on a story or a book but it's not ready yet, a deposit will lock in the price for when you are ready!


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