Friday, March 11, 2016

Get Ready for Summer and Publish Your Book!

Spring is nearly here in Toronto. In fact, we barely had a winter.

Sure we had the coldest day in one-hundred years.  A few cold days surrounded by weirdly warm weather of gorgeous sunshine and little need for heavy coats was nothing compared to the past few years of ice storms and Snowmageddon.

We also had a "big blizzard" but really, in the big picture, winter was rather mild this year.

Spring is time for blossoming and new beginnings!

Have you finished your first draft? Your last draft?  Are you ready for developmental editing?

I've cleared my desk from all of the clients who have sought my services over the winter months.  My last prepaid editing project will be completed by Sunday night.

That means I have room and time for new (and old) clients on a first come, first served basis.

I also can reserve specific dates for you if you send a deposit. Just pop me an email and we can discuss!

Getting your editing out of the way now means you might be able to publish your book in time for summer!

Check out my price list and pop me an email so we can discuss your book and how I can help you make it shine!

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