Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Sale for Editing Services Ends Soon!

Enjoy Discounted Editing Services for a Limited Time


Sale ends soon!

Enjoy discounted editing services for six months of 2016 by putting down a small deposit today!

Maybe you have a writer friend who is struggling to pay bills and is working really hard on a story, a book, a poem, or an essay.

Help ease his or her struggle by buying editorial services for him or her.

A deposit of only $100 today will lock in discounted editing rates up to June 2016 no matter how many books, stories, or essays the author wishes to have edited by Scarlett Editorial Services.  You don't have to declare what you want edited if you don't know yet. Just know that you have peace of mind to receive a 10% discount when you're ready to order any service at any time for any amount of work before June 2016.

This offer expires on December 31, 2015!

Every penny counts when you're a writer. You only get one chance to give a first impression. 

Retaining professional editing services is a must, especially for self-published authors in these modern times. Competition is fierce so help yourself rise above the others with professional editing.

Writers write and let the editors edit!

Book your slot today with a deposit of $100.

You can take advantage of this 10% off sale by sending a deposit of $100 to Paypal or by EFT to by December 31, 2015.

If you send $100 deposit, that will ensure you receive the 10% off rate when your work is ready to be edited as long as you send in your manuscript before June 30, 2016. 

Once your manuscript is ready to be sent, estimate the cost of the service by the word count. When you send your manuscript, you can send the rest of the deposit if it is more than $100.

For instance, you send $100 on December 10, 2015 because you're working on a romance novel and know you will want DE or CE or even proofreading at some point. You don't know what you want, you have no idea how long your book will be but you know you'll need a professional editing service at some point so you send $100.

On January 15, 2016 you finish your novel and you're ready to send it in. You've decided that you want DE work. The novel comes in at 50,000 words.

The cost of a DE for a book of this size is:  $1000. 

The SALE PRICE for your DE since you reserved your spot in December is now only $900.

This means that the first half of your payment plan is $450 that you would send when you send the manuscript.

However, you put a $100 deposit down back on December 10 towards this work so you only have to send $350 when you send in your manuscript.

The DE will take anywhere from one week to one month. When the corrected manuscript is returned, the final balance of the payment is due which would be $450.

No surprises. No added on fees. No taxes. No bloated hourly rates. The fee is the fee.

If you want to proceed with more services, you will receive a discount of some kind, depending on what you want and the length of the material.

Questions? Just pop us an email at  sephgiron@

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