Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Discount Editing Special Ends June 30, 2015 at Midnight!

Let's celebrate all things summer and all things wonderful!

What are we celebrating?
School's Out! More time for writing or maybe there's no time for writing depending on your situation. But Scarlett Editing is here to do your editing and proofreading for you! Oh yes, we can also write for you. We can ghost write your book. We can write your web content, your blogs, your SEO articles. Pop us an email to find out more!

Pride Week in Toronto! Celebrate who you are and love your fellow humans!

Summer Is Here! It was a long cold winter in Toronto. Although the weather is still iffy, there's no doubt summer is here.

Ten Years of Editing!  Sèphera has been editing books for over ten years!

From today until midnight on June 30, 2015 Scarlett Editing is offering a deep discount on all editing, proofreading, and content writing services.

How does the discount work?
If you reserve your spot for editing this summer or fall with a deposit of $100 by midnight of June 30, you can enjoy a discount of 25% on your final price no matter when you actually have your book or story edited.

Send $100 by Paypal to with the estimated date that you would like your work edited between now and December 2015.

You don't need to know the exact date you will be submitting your work, just that you will want editing between now and December 31st, 2015.

EXAMPLE: Let's say you know you'll be ready by September 16 to send in your book.

The $100 paid by June 30 reserves your priority spot and your deep discount of 25% off the final price. You don't have to know exactly how long your work is until you send it in for editing. Just let us know if it's a story, an article, a book, a novella, and so on.

When you send in your manuscript on or before September 16, you are required to send in half the payment based on the word count.

Let's say you think your book is 50,000 words.

Your fee for line editing would be $1000.00

So if half the payment is $500 and you've already sent in $100, you only have to pay $400 as a prepayment.

When the work is returned to you, the balance is due. The calculation is as such:

$1000 fee
    100 reservation fee for spot
    400 prepayment

$500 is prepaid or submitted with the manuscript.

$1000 x 25% off = $750 final price

The balance that would be due upon receipt of your edited work would be $750 -500= $250

The final price you would owe immediately once your work is returned to you would be $250 payable.

In this example a 50,000 word book had a deep discount of $250 off the final price! Pretty nice summer special, eh?

Do you have to know the exact date you want editing?
Scarlett Editing knows that you likely don't know for sure when you'll be finished writing your book. But if you can give a general idea of the week you'd like your service, it will help all of us schedule. However, we understand that it can be difficult to gauge.

If you're taking advantage of the 25% off deep discount you need to have your $100 deposit paid before midnight on June 30, 2015 and your manuscript submitted to Scarlett Editing before midnight on December 31, 2015. However, we also know that situations arise that prevent writing so we ARE flexible.

Does it have to be a certain genre or certain length?
Scarlett Editing works in ALL genres.

Scarlett Editing will work with fiction and non-fiction.

Your book or story can be any length and any genre to take advantage of the 25% off special. However, the minimum rate to edit any work is $10 even if the work is a short limerick.

Your book can be for adults or children or YA. You can be an adult, child, or teen! We work with and in all age groups.

You can be a beginning writer, self-published writer, seasoned pro or any other kind of writer. It doesn't matter to us!

Your $100 deposit to take advantage of this one-time deep discount of 25% off is non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please ask  sephgiron @

Please put Editing or Proofreading in the title line of your correspondence.

Spread the word about this once-in-a-lifetime deal!

Have a great summer!


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