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Welcome to Scarlett Editorial Services

Welcome to our new blog.

Scarlett Publishing Editorial Services is here to help writers of all skills and professions. From student to professional author, everyone needs help with editing.

Even the most brilliant writer may not be able to edit his or her own work. This is because writers are too close to what they write. Their brain often tricks them into seeing what they think should be on the page instead of really seeing what is on the page.

Sometimes time can help a writer edit. If you're not a on a tight deadline, try putting your piece away for a month and then revisit it. You'll be amazed at what you'll see when your work is fresh. From finding too many commas to shifting povs to sentence fragments, errors may pop out at you easier when you've had time away from your project. You may find plot inconsistencies and even places where you've changed tenses.

Some writers will never see their errors. And there's no harm in that either, however, it's up to the writer to present the best work possible. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family don't have the editorial skills to help you more than telling you if the story makes sense.

An editor can help a writer in many different ways. An editor can perform a simple proofread which is simply reading the story and taking notes on obvious errors such as a missing period or an additional letter and so on.

Editors can also help shape the plot and pace of the story by giving notes on where the drama lags and where the story should begin and end.

Sometimes writers don't punctuate dialogue correctly. Writing and punctuating dialogue correctly can be a difficult task for a novice and even for the seasoned pro. There are many rules and nuances that an editor can utilize to make your piece shine.

Almost any form of writing can use the help of an editor. Scarlett Editorial Services will accept clients who need editorial help from letter writing to blog posts to book manuscripts. Scarlett Editorial Services can help you with basic e-book formatting as well.

Questions are always welcome. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Scarlett Editorial Services

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