About Scarlett Editing

Scarlett Editing was founded by Sèphera Girón.

For over a decade, Sèphera has worked as an editor for several publishing companies and clients.

Sèphera has edited over 1000 books.

With the growth of self-publishing and the e-book revolution, Sèphera has decided to expand her services to work one-on-one with authors. This means that her rates are much lower than they are when she works with the big houses. Sèphera still works with major houses but has now decided to share her knowledge with authors, students, and anyone else who may need editorial services.

Scarlett Editing provides detailed and careful service. Speed is not a priority although efficiency is important. Some manuscripts might take longer, it depends on the project. The average time for service is two weeks though that can vary greatly.

Student rates are available. Just ask!

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